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Payment and Security
  • What are the payment options?

    You can pay with the credit card or debit card. We do not accept payment at door.

  • Can I pay for my order in instalments?

    We do not accept instalment payments.

  • Do you have credit for using credit cards when shopping over the internet?

    Shopping using a credit card over the Internet is more secure than shopping with a credit card from any store. At a store or at a restaurant, it is more risky to give your credit card to someone else for payment. www.kevadiesel.com transfers your credit card number to the bank with a licensed special encryption. The transaction is performed according to the response from the bank.

  • Am I safe with credit card payment?

    www.kevadiesel.com uses “ Secure Sockets Layer” technology in the system infrastructure. With our 128 bit SSL security certificate, your personal information is encrypted and sent to your bank. In this way, all transactions for payment are realized between the bank and your computer via the www.kevadiesel.com interface.

    The credit card information requested on the payment page is never displayed on the servers of www.kevadiesel.com or the service providers and is not stored.

    You can shop 100% securely from our web site which is protected with 128 bit SSL security certificate.

  • What is 3D secure?

    3D Secure is an authentication system developed by Visa Card and Master Card for secure shopping on the internet. In the case of purchases made over the Internet, credit card authorization is also known as the password that comes with the SMS to the cardholder's mobile phone number.

    With this system, both cardholder and member companies are guaranteed against internet fraud. The system is called "Verified by Visa" for the use of the Visa Card credit card and "SecureCode" for the application for the use of the Master Card credit card.

  • How to pay with 3D Secure?

    When shopping at www.kevadiesel.com if your bank supports the 3D Secure system, you can pay by choosing 3D Secure on the payment page.

  • My Credit Card Number Automatically Appears on the Screen!?

    The automatic display of your credit card is not about www.kevadiesel.com, but about the settings of your web browser (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

    To turn off this feature; Turn off the automatic form filling section by going to "Tools / Internet Options / Content / Auto complete” (Tools / Internet Options / Content / Auto complete)

    This is not a problem if you are only using your computer. However, if you have more than one user on the computer, please do the above.

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