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Shipping and Delivery
  • Do you make international deliveries?

    We make international deliveries.

    Click the link to see the a list of countries we have delivered.

  • Which Countries Are Your Delivery Regions?

    We deliver 200+ Countries worldwide. You can get information about the countries we deliver by choosing the country at “my cart” or “my order” screens. You can also see the list of the international delivery countries by clicking the link.

    If you wish your order to be delivered to a country which is not listed in international delivery countries, you can send an e-mail to to discuss shipment options. 

  • How is the delivery time?

    We deliver within 2-7 business days to anywhere in the world. However the delivery time may vary depending on cargo company and destination.

    Warning: Customs processes, natural disasters, strike, missed transfer are the exceptions of stated delivery time. The package may be subject to customs in the destination country. In this case, customs officers will contact you to inform what to do to receive your package. Customs fees may vary depending on your order and Country. If the package subject to customs clearance at destination country the responsibility belongs to the customer.

  • Which h cargo companies do you work with?

    We work with B2C Direct, DHL and UPS cargo companies which are contracted. All our packages are shipped with express cargo.

  • How much is the shipping costs?

    The chipping charge varies according to the quantity of the products ordered and the country of dispatch.  You can see the cargo costs by selecting the country at the payment screen on order steps. By following the campaign periods, you can benefit from free shipping opportunities.

  • Where is my order?

    You can track your order with “Cargo Tracking Number” which is sent as SMS to your registered mobile number and sent to your registered e-mail. You can check all the details of your order at my orders section after logging in to the system.

  • What is “Cargo Tracking Number”?

    Tracking number is a code that enables you to track your order status.

  • What should I pay attention when I receive my order?

    Before accepting the package from cargo company you should check if it has been opened, torn, crushed, or soaked. If it has, please do not accept the package and request a claim form by the cargo company and inform the situation to “Customer Service Department”.  Refusing an item upon delivery based solely on the condition of the external packaging is not advised as the item within may not be defected.

    If you notice a problem like missing item etc. after accepting the package you should contact with cargo company and inquire about the cargo claim form and inform us the situation by email to

  • What happens if I am not at shipping address when the cargo is delivered?

    If you are not at the shipping address when your order is delivered or if your address incorrect or incomplete; the cargo company or Keva Diesel will contact with you and arrange second delivery free of charge. If you cannot be contacted within 5 working days, your package is returned to Keva Diesel.

  • Will my orders purchased on different dates de delivered with the same shipping?

    Each order will be considered as a separate dispatch. There is no guarantee that orders purchased on different dates will be shipped at the same time.

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